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Educational program Reborn Authors of Childhood and Antique Illustrations presents  old authors of Lithuanian literature  in interesting and playful way. In this virtual space children can see the books which were read by their grandparents. Elder people can recall their memories of childhood’s literature they had read. Although there are many popular authors such as Pranas Mašiotas, Kazys Binkis, Petras Cvirka, the library also presents unknown and long forgotten authors. This program is not only for spending leisure time, but also it can be a process of studying. By flipping children can learn about genres and authors, they also can read short biographies.
 Program not only gives a chance to flip pages, but it also lets admire illustrations which were drawn 80 or even more years ago. You can find drawings of popular illustrators such as Domicėlė Tarabildienė, Vlada Stančikaitė and Rimas Kalpokas and many others. Some of the authors draw illustrations themselves. The colorful and interesting children’s books in this little program will fascinate not only children but also adults.

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