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Lithuanian books published 1905–1917

Lituanian press ban was lifted on 7th May 1904 and it was one of the major events in the history of Lithuania.  It had a huge influence in the history of 20th century Lithuanian book – the whole intelligentsia aimed to recreate legal Lithuanian press. The centre of Lithuanian press was relocated from Lithuania Minor to Lithuania. Press and publishing in the USA started rapidly growing too. The revival of public life and education increased the need of books, which resulted in larger number of various prints published in Lithuania.

Legal cultural and educational associations began publishing books. These associations include: „Aušra”, „Šviesa”, Lithuanian Academic Society, The Society of St. Kazimieras, „Žiburys” etc.;  private publishers such as P. Vileišis and others; bookshops (M. Šlapelienė, L. Jakavičius, J. Masiulis and others); periodicals and printing-houses were also a part of the publishing. More than 5000 Lithuanian books and brochures and over 4000 minor publications were released during the years 1905–1917, before the restoration of independence of Lithuania. About 75–80 percent of these prints were fiction, popular science, educational literature. Naturally, authors and publishers oriented themselves towards the needs of the readers. Readers mostly were poorly educated countrymen, therefore various calendars, small-scale, domestic knowledge popularizing booklets had the biggest demand.

There are more than 1500 titles of Lithuanian books published from 1905 to 1917 that are kept in The Old and Rare Prints Department.  These prints represent national rebirth period and reflect the variety of Lithuanian prints published in 20th century.

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