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The Old and Rare Prints Department took part in Lithuanian cultural heritage digitization project  „Virtualios elektroninio paveldo sistemos (VEPS) plėtra“ (Eng. „Development of the Virtual Electronic Heritage System“) during the years 2010–2012.

More than 3555 objects were selected, catalogued, digitized, and put on a website

•    publications from 16th and 17th Centuries related with the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania written in Latin and Polish languages (17 publications);
•    religious texts and calendars written in Lithuanian language and published in Lithuania Manor. These publications remained after Lithuanian Minors‘ press destruction, which happened due to historical and political circumstances. These publications are rare and unique, because of which,  while selecting these books, the main criteria was their rarity according to the number of copies that remained (23 publications);
•    particularly rare and unique publications concerning psychology, religion, social studies, literature, law or standard documents, various course books, calendars, etc. published during the years 1900–1945 (658 publications).

•    personal collections of Augustinas Janulaitis – manuscripts and printings related with law and history of the house of Lithuanian dignitaries Radvilos, written in 18th – 20th Centuries ( 7 manuscripts and 4 printings);
•   biographical and household records, correspondence and documents concerning co-operative, scientific and public activities from the collection of Petras Šalčius (1835–1990), Significant part of this fund is formed of documents of Babrauskai and Kaminskiai families and Povilas Brazaitis. Since not all manuscripts of P. Šalčius fund are directly associated with Lithuania, out of 247 units, 218 manuscripts  can be found on

Periodical „Dzień Kowieński”, published in Polish language during the years 1922–1934, in Kaunas. This daily newspaper (2029 periodical issues) is essential for investigating the history of Kaunas city and is very popular among the readers.
Minor press: various announcements, advertisements, proclamations, posters, etc. (307 publications).

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